Often used to simulate a wood effect, laminate is an attractive, synthesised material made using melamine resin and fibre board fused together using a lamination process. This makes it fairly durable and easy to maintain, but it’s the simple tongue and groove attachment method of the individual panels - making the style easy to fit and install - that is the biggest advantage.


Our range includes a number of leading brands, such as Pergo, Boen, Kaindl, Tarkett, Balterio and many more, and our expert team are on hand to advise you on the most suitable style for your needs during free home consultations. Get in touch today for more information, or drop by the showroom to browse through our range and arrange a free home visit.


Goes Anywhere

With the exception of carpet, laminate flooring can be installed over almost any existing floor in the home. As long as a moisture barrier is in place and water prevention measures are taken it can also be installed at any grade. This removes the hassle and expense of having to remove old flooring installations before installing new laminate materials.


The wear layer of a laminate floor protects the material from stains and some spills making cleaning and maintenance relatively easy. Typically the only regular requirement is sweeping or vacuuming of the floor to remove grit and dirt which can slowly erode the floors wear layer over time.


The installation of a laminate click together floor is one of the easiest to do. New innovations in the manufacture of this material have made it so you do not even need to use adhesive. You just roll down a sheet of underlayment material, and then snap the planks or tiles of the floor into one another. An entire room can usually be finished in just a day or two.


Hardwood needs to sit in an environment for 3-6 weeks so that it can acclimate to the temperature and pressure of the area. Laminates can be installed in as little as 36 hours.